We aim to be a democratic space that receives and accommodates multiple perspectives, experiences and dialogues.

We interrogate various socio-cultural theories and praxes through community engagement and interactive and cultural art and urge our audiences to recognize and act upon our immediate surroundings with empathy and self-reflexivity.

Reading Room

Read at the museum: read with us; read to us; read in silence; read while you dance, while you sing, while you watch the traffic pass by. Bring your favorite notebook and all the pens that make you feel in control. Bring the excitement to learn, the anxiety of forgetting, the joy to become, and the grief of realising. 
Artist in Residence


The Museum supports individuals interested in engaging with the space, the community and its audience via its residencies. Artists in residence are hosted at the museum premises and encouraged to center their work on the physiological and psychological experiences of occupying the museum and its geographical and social location in the old city of Ahmedabad and Raipur.

make your own conflictorium

We encourage you to engage with the Museum critically: converse with the gaps in our politics and praxis, push our boundaries of seeing, and carry the idea of a Conflictorium across cultures, histories geographies, and people. 

In extension, we also encourage you to construct your own Conflictorium. We offer incubatory and collaborative services, like organizational development, design and visual language, and curatorial support, to associations and people interested in building their own Museum of Conflict.


If you need a space in the city of Ahmedabad or Raipur that is cozy, welcoming, brimming with sounds of children running around, walls that sometimes remember more than people do, a tree that stands testament to good biryani, a space you want to create joy in, grieve in, breathe in, be in, be seen in – come, hang out at the Museum.

Come alone or with your friends, lovers, parent/s, dates, grandparents, colleagues or even your pets. We are here.


Get in touch to discuss any participation Ideas