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Conflictorium is a participatory museum that addresses the ideas, questions and structures of conflict. It is an initiative that brings together different sections of society to celebrate plurality and encourage conflict expression and avoidance in creative ways, by facilitating dialogue through art and culture practice.

The emphasis is on art, audience and archives where intersectional and interdisciplinary approaches to peace and conflict are explored.

At the museum, conflict is understood as everyday tensions and disruptions that often manufacture and reveal the larger fears, shame and guilt operating to build miscommunications and boundaries between people. While the idea of conflict conventionally refers to overt violences like war, we believe in deconstructing those acts to the smaller and seemingly simpler cracks in our perceptions of belongingness, empathy and community. We acknowledge and explore the phenomenon of “conflict” as a key move in imagining a peaceful society.

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Gool Lodge, Opp. R.C High School of Commerce, Near Chalte Peer Ni Dargah, Delhi Chakla, Mirzapur, Ahmedabad-380001, Gujarat.

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