About Our Team


Avni Sethi

Avni is an interdisciplinary practitioner with her primary concern lying between culture, memory, space and the body. She studied Interdisciplinary Design from the Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology, Bangalore and pursued a Masters in Performance Studies at Ambedkar University, Delhi. She conceptualized and designed the Conflictorium. Trained in multiple dance idioms, her performances are largely inspired by syncretic faith traditions as well as sites of contested narratives. She is interested in exploring the relationship between intimate audiences and the performing body.

Farzan Dalal

Graphic Designer

Favorite Smells: seawater, eucalyptus leaves, and wet clay

I am driven by the need to understand human behaviour and the social systems we created. Social systems that work for some and exclude others. As a researcher and strategic designer, I am eager to reveal their failure and propose alternatives that are more inclusive for both human and non-human species. In my work, I operate at an intersection of social welfare, technology, and ecology. I turn to nature to slow down; collecting stones, dried twigs & barks, leaves, flowers, soil, and seeds. I press them, boil them and steam them and print them on fabric & paper. Getting lost on the edges of a local forest on a Sunday afternoon collecting natural crap – that’s my thing!

V. Divakar


Favorite Smells: “I can’t pick up many smells”

Divakar is an art critic and curator who also edits a bi-monthly called ‘The Baroda Pamphlet’, on art and culture. He also manages an experimental art space called ‘Knots’ in Baroda. His other interests include films, music, books and star gazing. At the Conflictorium, he curates exhibitions on various themes and facilitates the Artist-in-Residency programme.

Ranjeeta Dhosiya


Favorite Smells: Jeera and Phenyl 

Ranjeeta is the sole earning member of her family, and has been working as domestic housekeeper and carer for the last 30 years. She has three children who she is extremely proud of. Her two daughters have studied till 5th grade and are now married and engaged respectively. Her son, the youngest child, is a professional dancer. Ranjeeta has a sweet tooth and is most happy to survive off just cake and mithai for an entire day! 

YSK Prerana

Project Anchor, Conflictorium-Ahmedabad

Favorite Smells: my cat’s smell, any detergent, and Mogra

Prerana is a transdisciplinary researcher interested in the intersections of Gender and Sexuality Theory, Media Practise and Urban Planning. They find most joy and comfort in children’s literature, animal fun-facts, and all / any outdoor sports.

Nayan Rathod

Museum Manager Conflictorium-Ahmedabad

Favorite Smells: Fresh flowers, rain wet clay and sweet basil

Nayan Rathod working as a museum manager at Conflictorium-Ahmedabad, which includes but is not limited to interacting and guiding visitors at the Museum premises. Along with, also handle many internal communications for purposes of accounting, building maintenance and intra-team logistics. Studied M.com from the H.L Commerce College. Like to watch movies, swimming and always excited for wandering new places.

Kinjal Shah

Design Principle

Favorite Smells: Citrus and Freshly-Brewed Coffee

Trained in fashion design and experienced in mind-wandering, Kinjal practices writing and doodling to translate her thoughts into expression. In spare time, fantasizes about altering psychologies and saving our planet.

Ingredients to her design recipé:

  • half cup Newton’s first law of motion
  • two-thirds cup Dispersion of light
  • A garnish of emotive

Jignesh Gajjar

Technical Advisor

Favorite Smells: Citrus and Coco Butter 

Jignesh is a graduate of Gujarat University and has earned a diploma in computer programming from H.K. College, Ahmedabad. He has more than 15 years’ experience in commerce and the IT sector. At the Conflictorium, he provides technical support from time-to-time.

Aayush Chandrawanshi

Curator and Project Anchor Conflictorium-Raipur

Favorite Smells: Smell of coffee in winter sun

Aayush is a lens-based artist based in Raipur. He keeps exploring different communities, alternate cultures; testifying to an abiding interest in using documentary photography and filmmaking to probe questions of contemporary social relevance. He also freelances as a photographer, filmmaker, and video editor. He studied Master’s in Photography Design from the National Institute of Design and is currently working as a Project Anchor and a Curator with Conflictorium museum for their new project at Raipur. Also, he plays football on weekends and follows Arsenal earnestly.

Dhrupad Mehta


Favorite Smells: Mint, lemon, petrol and gunpowder

Dhrupad is a part of a youth collective in Ahmedabad named ‘Nathi Nonsense’, He has interests in art and how one can create dialogue around socio-political issues through art. He likes to research about various subjects. He loves to read poetry. He is an avid football fan/supporter.

Akash Dutt

Curatorial Assistant

Favorite Smells: Tulsi, Vaghareli-Khichdi and Clove

From my first visit to the conflictorium, in 2018 it since slowly became a space of healing for me.I found ways of articulation and possibilities of creating meaningful personal experiences in my time at the museum, Now, I’m a part of the conflictorium family where I engage in the many processes of building experiences that facilitates healing reflections and creates knowledge. For a technical introduction, I’ve pursued learning storytelling through conventional ways of studying literature and through rather unconventional ways of studying light, camera, and narrative writing, which have now enabled me to participate in the coordination of communications and the media-related inquiries at the museum. I can’t have enough tea. I enjoy walking through the city and finding new and new kitli spots. I love capturing light through my phone camera