Our #KeepTalking Network

As part of building our #KeepTalking network, we collaborate with individuals, groups and institutions to further our work in creating spaces for dialogue on conflict, through creative means. We do this through our outreach initiatives at various levels from engaging with school and college students to encouraging any person interested in being part of our ecosystem to come volunteer for us!

To become our Ambassador on your school or college campus, click on this link!

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We offer paid residencies at the Conflictorium, the museum hosts two residencies at a time and situates them within the museum premises itself. The resident practitioner/researcher will interact with the space, the community and its audiences.

Rent a Space

Multiple spaces within the museum are available on lease as per availability to host exhibitions, performances and workshops.

Available spaces are:

– 4 Galleries for exhibition
– 40 seater multipurpose auditorium

Picture Credit: Hemang Mehta



Picture Credit: Hemang Mehta



To discuss your event, contact our team:

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Build your own Conflictorium

The Conflictorium is happy to engage with groups and associations to help them create their own conflictorium and provide organizational and curatorial services.