The Curator in Residence is a two-month online residency program. The resident will work closely with the design team at the Conflictorium to develop a project based on the materials from the archives. The residency starts from

We invite curators to delve into our past work, pull the strings which were left loose, expose the gaps which need to be filled and complete the lines which were left half said.

We will be giving the curator open access to our digital archives. The residency program expects the curator to use their critical eye to evaluate our activities. We expect them to come up with an online show by drawing inspiration from our archives. The six months’ online curators residency is for first-timers, experienced curators as well as for curators who are looking for directions to proceed.

Who can apply?

Anyone interested in art, writing, curation and willing to engage with the various conflicts and seek possibilities of addressing them through art and culture.

Required Application materials:

Resume (PDF Format), Cover Letter – A one-page statement of intent outlining curatorial interests, professional experience, and what you aim to accomplish in a 2-month residency at the Conflictorium. Send us at